Dr. Omur has been very dedicated and thorough in her care for my daughter since we first met.

My daughter had several ailments. Upon the recommendation of a friend, we made an appointment with Dr. Hande Omur. Dr. Omur has been very dedicated and thorough in her care for my daughter since we first met. She helped us through a very tough time, and managed our treatment process very well. She not only recognizes the needs of her patients, but also the needs of their relatives and informs them about their roles in the treatment process. We are grateful for her care and dedication. If you’re reading this review, I want you to know that you’re in the right place.

Nihal G.

I highly recommend Dr. Omur.

I can recommend working with Dr. Omur enough. I’ve long had a severe phobia of needles and medical procedures. Using EMDR, Dr. Omur helped me to uncover where the phobia stemmed from and overcome it, over the course of just a couple of months. Dr. Omur is kind, caring, and compassionate, and I felt comfortable with her from my very first session. If you’re looking for an effective, experienced, and supportive doctor, I highly recommend Dr. Omur. 


I am extremely grateful for Dr. Omur. She has allowed me to feel strength and confidence

I started seeing Dr. Omur during COVID because the stress of the pandemic prompted me to begin to have intense panic attacks, which is something I never previously dealt with before. I felt very lost and in need of help. I always believed in going to therapy, but I never had a therapist that I clicked with. I immediately clicked with Dr. Omur. She has an extremely calming and welcoming presence that makes you feel very safe. This is very important because we did EMDR together which is an extremely exposing type of therapy that I did not have experience with before. EMDR helped me understand the genesis of the panic attacks and helped me heal from losing my mother when I was a teenager. Our work continued to give me the confidence and tools to be able to handle whatever life throws. I am extremely grateful for Dr. Omur. She has allowed me to feel strength and confidence I thought I was not worthy of as well as strengthened my relationships with my family and partner. Dr. Omur will change your life if you are open to it and are ready to embark on the next chapter in your life that allows change and evolve. I cannot highly recommend her enough.

Elizabeth G.

Dr. Omur has a wonderful bedside manner, so to speak, and I have always found it easy to be forthright with her

Dr. Omur has been seeing me as a patient now for more than 2 years. In that time, I’ve made remarkable progress with my condition and gained greater insight into my own emotional state.

In addition, she has taught me some helpful techniques for managing my emotions which has made life considerably less difficult in the day to day.

Dr. Omur has a wonderful bedside manner, so to speak, and I have always found it easy to be forthright with her. She’s also very understanding when it comes to topics that the patient does not want to discuss further.

Eden S.

She always makes sure you know that she cares about you

She is the best psychiatrist I have ever seen. I strongly recommend you to see her if you are looking for an excellent psychiatrist or therapist. She is kind, receptive, courteous, trusting, and honest –all the things you want your therapist to be. I have been dealing with PTSD. Using EMDR techniques I learned from my sessions, I quickly noticed an improvement in my anxiety and self confidence. I was very quiet at the beginning of the sessions. She was patient throughout and gave me the opportunity to come to terms with some of the things that I was struggling with. She was positive and helpful throughout. She helped me discover and understand some of the repetitive patterns that I was struggling with. She always explained that the goal was self-love and self-care and everything we’d done together was working toward me learning to feel emotionally healthy on my own, trusting myself and being able to take care of myself. She always makes sure you know that she cares about you as a person (not just a client), and that she is working with you.

B. A.

She has been incredibly patient and compassionate throughout my healing process

For the past three years, I have been receiving weekly therapy sessions with Dr. Omur. I lost two of my children in a boating accident while we were leaving our home country. I narrowly escaped death myself. The pain of losing my children, coupled with the added stress of being in a new country and unfamiliar with the language, made it incredibly difficult to continue living. When I first began therapy with Dr. Omur, I was already experiencing severe anxiety, insomnia, and constant crying. What convinced me to continue was Dr. Omur’s honesty and support. She acknowledged my current state and understood that the journey towards healing would not be easy, and there would be times when my symptoms may worsen. But she assured me that she would be there to support me throughout the process. She never promised a, say a 5-6 day, quick fix, but instead was realistic about the therapy process and its potential challenges. 

G. Kara

Dr. Hande Omur has a wealth of knowledge and expertise

As a 39-year-old woman who has gone through more than most people my age, I know that choosing to seek out psychotherapy was the most important decision I ever made. As I went through the therapy, I saw that it wasn’t just about dealing with the trauma of my experiences in 2017. I came to understand that therapy can be beneficial regardless of any past trauma, and can help you gain valuable skills such as understanding and accepting yourself, being compassionate towards yourself, and ultimately, finding peace with yourself and life. 

The reason why I have such positive thoughts and experiences about therapy is due to the immense trust I have gained in Dr. Omur. I was able to confidently share with her things that I hadn’t even admitted to myself. This trust accompanied the thought “I will not be harmed if I share it with her” and the feeling that “if I share it with her, we can tackle this problem”. Dr. Hande Omur has a wealth of knowledge and expertise, but it is her intuitive and emotionally intelligent approach to medicine that makes her a truly special doctor. Her genuine care for her patients and her ability to make them feel valued is what sets her apart. She has a great understanding of how to create a strong bond between patient and doctor, while still maintaining the necessary distance. I think that, in order to achieve this, you have to master the art of providing excellent care and be a master of your craft, which she is. 

During the therapy process with Dr. Omur, I have changed drastically. From someone full of intense anger towards society and existential problems, weakly connecting with life and merely passing the day, to someone who is relatively mixed into society, acknowledges their existence, connects with life by growing flowers, plans and does good things for themselves, and can establish sincere and affectionate bonds with their relatives. This transformation is incredibly meaningful when compared to what I was before. Now I have a path to take as a human being and I cannot thank Dr Omur enough for being with me along the way.

Arzu G.

She has been incredibly patient and compassionate throughout my healing process

I have been very lucky to be able to work with Dr. Hande Omur. Throughout my life I have thought that I had an ADHD and anxiety problem and never really figured out how to fix it. I have been to so many different psychiatrists and psychologists and they all had similar simplifications for me instead of actually helping me develop better understanding and improve.  Dr. Hande has always been patient and understanding with me, and I am actually finally getting real results in my life. There have been so many times that our session’s results shocked me. I wish I had met her earlier, I would have been way ahead in life. She not only helped with my ADHD and anxiety, her practice has increased my life quality incredibly. I have tried so many different medicines and have been misdiagnosed multiple times in my life but luckily I finally am getting better every day. Dr. Hande Omur is really knowledgeable and definitely the kindest human being!!!

I have developed a greater self-awareness and a new outlook on life. These positive changes have led me to live a more planned and disciplined lifestyle. As a result, my anxieties have diminished, leading to an improvement in my academic achievements and overall quality of life. My family is genuinely grateful to my doctor for the fruitful discussions we’ve had and the positive impact they have had on all of us.

  • I am more positive.
  • I don’t give up easily.
  • My time management skills have improved.
  • I am less worried and better able to face and manage challenges.
  • I have become more self-aware, allowing me to identify my own problems and find their solutions.
  • I am capable of working effectively.
  • There has been improvement in my relationships with others.
  • I am more organized and tidy.
  • I feel more confident.
  • I am able to handle emotional situations.
  • I have discovered the reasons behind my behavior.
  • There are fewer arguments with my family.
  • I am more successful in school, and my GPA has increased.
  • My relationships have a lesser impact on my school or work life, as I can still manage them and function well.
  • I don’t overthink, and I face fewer problems in my day-to-day life. It’s all about managing my emotions.

S. D.

Thanks to our doctor, we've managed to overcome those hurdles

Our wonderful doctor, Hande Omur, has had an incredible, positive impact on my son’s personal growth and mental well-being, and we couldn’t be happier with the progress we’ve made. When we first started therapy, he was grappling with severe anxiety disorder and depression. Thanks to our doctor, we’ve managed to overcome those hurdles, and our daily life has greatly improved in terms of quality. My son’s relationships with his family have also flourished, and he has become more aware of his responsibilities towards himself and towards us. We are truly grateful to our doctor and extend our heartfelt thanks for the positive transformation she has brought into our lives.