There are 3 types of sessions if we decide to work together after your initial call.

  1. Initial Evaluation Appointment: This is to get to know you, identify the problems, and make a treatment plan together. It is a comprehensive assessment of you, and an additional session might be required. This session typically lasts one hour and is charged at $375.
  1. Medication Follow Up: This is only a medication management session. If we decide we will start medication(s), generally we would like to check in with you initially in 2 weeks to see if there are any side effects that you would like to discuss and if the medication started kicking in. It typically lasts 30 min and is charged at $190. If things are going well, then it would be once a month. If you need medication for a prolonged period and things seem stable, we might increase the gap in between sessions to 2-3 months. Of course, if the situation is complicated, you might need more frequent follow-ups.
  1. Therapy Appointment: If you decide to start therapy, each session typically lasts one hour and is charged $375. If additional time is necessary for any of these sessions, every half an hour is charged at an additional 180$. In order to achieve the best results, these sessions are scheduled weekly. It might be intimidating to commit to a weekly session however your investment into your health will be best utilized when we go through your therapy consistently on a weekly basis. Otherwise, the efficiency drops dramatically and sessions are spent mostly to cover the gap between sessions and no meaningful work can be done.

It is also impossible to know how many sessions of therapy you would need. There are some therapies that make you feel good, and therapies that heal you. Unfortunately or fortunately, you will not find any “feel-good” therapies in our practice. Our full focus is to help you heal and become as psychologically confident and independent as possible. 

If you are on medication and receiving therapy at the same time, the psychotherapy session includes both, and you do not need to pay for follow-up sessions separately. 

Insurance Information

Joy Clinic is a private-pay only or out-of-network practice. We do not accept insurance directly. You can contact your insurance company and determine the details of coverage and reimbursement. If your insurance plan has out-of-network benefits:

  1. You pay the session fee when you are scheduling your appointment
  2. We provide an invoice after the session
  3. You submit the invoice to your insurance 
  4. They reimburse a certain percentage of your payment. 

*The reimbursement rates vary depending on your plan. 

We know this is disappointing and possibly overwhelming news and we feel your pain. Insurance companies surely help with the financial aspect of the treatment.

However, they also tend to dictate what kind of treatment, when, and how long would be provided.

We choose not to work with them to give our patients the necessary care, free of restrictions.

Also, the time is fully spent on patient care, not on unnecessary insurance paperwork and/or phone calls. 


Cancellation Policy

To best serve the many patients, we adhere to strict cancellation policies. 

To cancel or reschedule and avoid being charged for your appointment, you must cancel 48 hours before the appointment. 

If your session is on Monday, you need to cancel your session latest on Thursday at 10:00 AM.

In the event of cancellation within the allocated time, we will refund the session fee within 48 hours. 

Otherwise, appointments canceled after the deadline will be billed at the full rate of the appointment.

Late cancellations due to unexpected illness or other emergencies will be evaluated on an individual basis by the clinician.

Payment Information

Joy Clinic accepts cash, checks, and credit cards (with a commission fee added -Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover accepted).

Payment is due at the time of scheduling your appointment.

To secure your appointment, payment must be made.