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We are happy to help with additional questions you may have. If your question is not answered here please email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you within 24-48 business hours. 


I understand that there are still many patients who prefer to schedule an in-person treatment session; or may be intimidated by scheduling a treatment online with a psychiatrist.

However, as the world continues to fight Covid, we are prioritizing everyone’s health. Therefore, we are not able to offer an in-person treatment session at this time.

That being said, most patients get comfortable with the online setting almost immediately after the first one and I do everything in my power to help you adjust.

Yes. While we recommend to wear comfortable, breathable clothes, you should dress as you would for an in person appointment.

This is an important part of your progress. When you make the effort to dress up you will give your brain a positive signal and you will feel instantly better.

You will receive a private link for your session and we will meet there at our scheduled time.

It is imperative that you designate a quiet area where you are not interrupted during the call where you can comfortably sit during the session. Sitting upright is important for your body to process the therapy in the most efficient way.

Yes. Joy Clinic is one of a few private practices who can provide both treatment therapy and medication. Dr.Hande Omur is licensed in New York and New Jersey.

Joy Clinic is a private pay only or out-of-network practice. We do not accept insurance directly. You can contact your insurance company and determine the details of coverage and reimbursement. If your insurance plan has out-of-network benefits, these are the steps to submit a claim with your insurance company.


  1. You pre-pay the session fee when you are scheduling your appointment
  2. We provide an invoice after the session
  3. You submit the invoice to your insurance 
  4. They reimburse a certain percentage of your payment. 

*The reimbursement rates vary depending on your plan. 


We know this is disappointing and possibly overwhelming news and we feel your pain. Insurance companies surely help the financial aspect of the treatment. However, they also tend to dictate what kind of treatment, when and how long would be provided. We choose to not work with them to give our patients the necessary care, free of restrictions. Also, the time is fully spent on the patient care, not on unnecessary insurance paperwork and/or phone calls.